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gobaplay Wins 2024 Parents’ Picks Award for Climbing Dome

06 Mar 2024
Five kids playing on and around a large geometric climbing dome.

We at gobaplay are delighted to announce that our Large Geometric Climbing Dome has been chosen by Parents’ Picks as a recipient of the 2024 Best Product Award for Elementary Kids!  

Parents' Picks Awards, with over 45 years of expertise, rigorously assess products through a stringent approval process.    

They consider over 50 criteria in their selection process, including products that help develop social, cognitive and physical skills in children.  

“A Parents’ Picks Award recognition is more than just a seal of approval,” according to their website.

"It signifies that a product has been rigorously evaluated against stringent criteria and that it stands out among hundreds of similar products from around the world.”   

gobaplay’s Large Geometric Climbing Dome stands out for its unique shape, powder-coated steel structure (with non-slip texture application) and neutral gunmetal color.

It also includes real rock-climbing hand grips and three anchors for optimal stability.   

"This award from Parents Picks' Awards highlights our dedication to designing and manufacturing playground equipment that is safe, stylish, and brings joy to everyone", says Megan McKenzie, General Manager of  NZ goba Sports Group.

Parents' Picks Awards 2024 Winner Logo. 

gobaplay, introduced in 2023, is a sub-brand of goba SPORTS GROUP, which also owns Springfree Trampoline – makers of the world’s safest trampolines.   

gobaplay will be launching brand new backyard products in 2024 - go to our gobaplay website and sign up for gobaplay's Newsletter to be the first to know when a product drops! 

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