Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

gobaplay’s Single Swing Set with Tent Swing discovers a world where innovation meets imagination! A sleek and...
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Single Swing Set with Tent Swing

Single Swing Set with Tent Swing


Single Swing Set with Tent Swing



Product Footprint: 2.05m x 2.56m x 2.44m (L x D x H)
Maximum Fall Height: 2.44 m
Safe Play Zone: 6.05 m x 6.56 m
Safe Play Height: 4.44 m x 6.05 m
Age Limitations: 3+
Anchors included: 4
Accessory Anchor Points: 3
Frame Weight Capacity: 136kg (or 68kg max 2 people)
Round Platform (Tree) Swing Capacity: 114kg
Warranty: 5 Year Frame Warranty
Accessory Warranty: 1 Year

The equipment must be anchored before use. Free anchors are included but packaged separately. Failure to anchor the equipment can result in serious injury and damage and may void the warranty. Before installing the anchors, users should be sure no underground utilities are present to prevent harm and injury.

Individual swings are branded VivaActive. VivaActive is a registered trademark of goba Sports Group.



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