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gobaplay Single Swing Set Review | Pros, Cons, Cost

10 Aug 2023
A child swinging on a green round swing attached to the gobaplay Single Swing Set.

The gobaplay Swing Set with Round Platform Swing, released this year, is a stylish, contemporary swing set that can add to any backyard's aesthetic while providing a fun and relaxing swinging experience.

But is a gobaplay Single Swing Set right for you? That is the question you will have answered today with this honest and comprehensive review.

At gobaplay, we believe strongly in the sentiment that fun outdoor play inspires joyful moments for families to be remembered for a lifetime.

As a brand within goba SPORTS GROUP, which also owns Springfree Trampoline (the world's safest trampoline), it is our mission to provide you with the safe and reliable products you need to make these lasting outdoor memories come to life.

First, though, you need to figure out which backyard product to buy before the fun can begin. Let's dive into the gobaplay Single Swing Set Review to see if it's the right fit for you!

gobaplay Single Swing Set Features

Let's first cover some basics about the gobaplay Swing Set, including size, cost and warranty:

Dimensions: 80.7 in x 100.8 in x 96 in

Safe Play Zone: 238.7 in x 258.8 in

Product Footprint: 80.7 in x 100.8 in

Safe Play Height: 175.1 in x 238.7 in

Maximum Fall Height: 96.1 in

Weight Capacity: Up to 136kgs

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Ages 3+

Cost: $729

**Swing set frame is compatible with most standard yard or tree swings.

Here are diagrams demonstrating the dimensions of the gobaplay Single Swing Set. The first graphic is a front view of the swing set, and the next graphic is a view from the bottom of the swing set:

Diagrams showing the dimensions of the gobaplay Single Swing Set.

gobaplay Single Swing Set Design

The single post swing set frame is designed with curved corners and a modern design using gunmetal as its primary color-making it easy to blend in with the landscaping of your yard.

The swing set's dark overtones contrast elegantly with the existing aesthetic of your backyard, making it a stylish addition to any home. The size of the frame also doesn't take up much room, which is ideal for compacted yards.

The type of swing you choose for the swing set is up to you, but you can stick with the Green Round Platform Swing (pictured above, comes with purchase or sold separately for $99) or the Blue Double Platform Tree Swing (pictured below, coming to New Zealand in February 2024) from gobaplay.

Click here for the gobaplay Swings Review!

Both swings can add to the visual appeal of the swing set, but you can also choose your own swing if desired: Versatility is one of the key pros to the gobaplay Single Swing Set!

Two kids on a blue swing.

If you would like to change swing set accessories, the heavy-duty carabiner clips make it seamless to switch from accessory to accessory without a hassle.

gobaplay Single Swing Set Safety

Swing set safety is crucial to consider before purchasing and the gobaplay Single Swing Set takes extra measures to ensure the safety of users.

The swing set's safety features include a sturdy wide steel swing set frame featuring a support bar for stability. It also has a high weight capacity of up to 136kgs, meaning it can serve as a swing set for adults in addition to children.

Most injuries that could occur with this product would be caused by miscues or not following instructions.

gobaplay Tip: Consider adding shock-absorbent protective surfacing under and around the swing set to reduce the impact of a falling injury. Mulch or wood chips can also work.

gobaplay Single Swing Set Durability

One of the defining features of the gobaplay Single Swing Set is its strength: The galvanized steel frame is guaranteed not to bend or warp, and the wide frame/support bar offers optimal stability-reinforcing its potency.

The gobaplay Single Swing Set frame comes with a five-year warranty , which is how long you can expect to product to last under reasonable use. The warranty covers manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship. The gobaplay Swings are warranted for one-year.

gobaplay Single Swing Set Installation

Swing set installation is critical to ensuring a safe and enjoyable swinging experience. Upon purchase of the gobaplay Swing Set, you will receive a product manual with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the swing set.

There are 10 steps to the gobaplay Single Swing Set installation, and the tools are provided with the purchase. The assembly process for the Swing Set is relatively simple (there are 43 pieces, including the nuts and bolts) and you should be able to complete it in a couple of hours, at the most. You can also have a third-party person or service complete the installation if desired.

gobaplay Tip: Make sure to read through the "Before Assembly," "Installation Instructions" and "Ground Preparation Instructions" sections located in the product manual before assembling!

A child swinging on the gobaplay Single Swing Set while her father stands in the background.

gobaplay Single Swing Set Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is required to keep the Swing Set safe and free from overturning. Some swing set maintenance tips, according to the product manual, include:

  • Tighten all hardware at least twice a month during play season.
  • Check all protective coverings on bolts, pipes, edges and corners and replace if needed.
  • Rake and check the depth of loose fill protective surfacing materials (like wood chips).
  • Lubricate all metallic moving parts at least once a month during play season.
  • Check metal parts for rust at the beginning of each play season.

Once play season is over and/or the weather turns cold (below 40°F), make sure to remove the plastic swing seats and the trapeze swing and place them in a secure spot.

Any Downsides to the gobaplay Single Swing Set?

There are not many major downsides to purchasing the gobaplay Single Swing Set: It is sleekly designed, safe, durable, easy to install and affordably priced ($729 with included swing) compared to other higher-end swing sets.


Should You Buy a gobaplay Single Swing Set?

Now comes the ultimate question: Is the gobaplay Single Swing Set right for you?

The gobaplay Single Swing Set is built to elevate your swinging experience to new heights, all while adding to the visual appeal of your backyard.

If you're in the market for a versatile and fashionable swing set that will last and can be used by both kids and adults, the gobaplay Single Swing Set could be a great fit for you.

Make sure to consider your backyard goals before purchasing and reach out to us if you need assistance, or have any questions, regarding the Swing Set: We're here to make sure your purchase is a worthwhile one!

Ready to buy? You can purchase the gobaplay Single Swing Set straight from our website!

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